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Friday, November 11, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

15 New Hyundai Cars to launch in India in next 4 years

Every auto maker in India especially the foreign manufacturers possess a very strategic planning for country’s growing auto sector in the coming years. In the same line is the second largest passenger car maker Hyundai Motors India Limited (HMIL) which intends to launch around 10 to 15 new cars in impending 4 to 5 years. These launches also indicate the mounting competition among the car makers in the nation.

The Korean automaker’s throne of being placed at second spot is under threat, as its market share has plunged from 21 percent to 18.3 percent; a downfall of 2.7 percent, in past one and half year. In order to maintain the rank, it plans to bring back its ‘Fluidic Philosophy’ concept with a bit of renovation and make entry to those auto segments where it has no or less existence.

Mr. Arvind Saxena, Vice President (Marketing and Sales) at HMIL, said that the only remedy to pull the car buyers to the car showroom is either by launching a new vehicle or by introducing a revamped model. HMIL is planning to bring in LPG variant; which is a cost effective solution for fuel hikes, of its recently launched mini car Hyundai Eon.

The company also aims to present a business class vehicle which is rated above Verna and can take over the likes of Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze. In the upcoming years, its current hot-seller hatchbacks i10 and i20 will see a face lift, in order to continue its consumer demand.

The other global car makers in India also have same intentions in next four-five year with Ford Motors coming up with new models, General Motors seems confident with six to eight cars along with ten to fifteen vehicles from Renault-Nissan. The major concern for HMIL launches is rival Maruti Suzuki’s announcement of introducing 10 to 15 cars in coming years.

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