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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

By Pawan Rana

2014 BMW X5 SUV images leaked

It’s difficult for auto majors to keep their new models under cover till the time of official launch. The latest example of the same is the 2014 BMW X5 SUV. The scale model of 2014 BMW X5 SUV was leaked on the interweb. So far the launch date hasn’t been finalized for the car. But apparently, the production process of the SUV will commence from August 2014, which is logical, as the production of the current X5 model will end by then. 

BMW X5 Pictures

BMW has plans to officially reveal 2-14 BMW X5 SUV in the second half of this year. According to the fresh reports, the unveiling shall be done at Frankfurt. Recently leaked scale model of next gen X5, showcases the changed exteriors.  By the first look of it, the car exteriors seemed to be inspired from BMW 3 Series, BMW X3 and BMW X1. A little messy but different than the outgoing model! The front of the car has a striking resemblance to BMW 3 Series, while the overall posture of the car is similar to BMW X3. The rear roofline is more like BMW X1. So, 2014 BMW X5 SUV is a mixture of some of the best selling cars in the BMW portfolio. 
Apart from the changed exteriors features, there will also be changes in the dimensions. The new BMW X5 is expected to be bigger in size and shall be 100kgs lighter than the outgoing model. The engine will be smaller that will promise to give out big units of performance and be more fuel efficient than ever.
Talking about the launch in India, 2014 BMW X5 SUV is expected to hit the Indian shores in 2014. The outgoing model of the car in India is being sold in great number. The SUV is brought to India through CBU route. 
BMW X5 Picture BMW X5 Picture BMW X5 Picture BMW X5 Picture BMW X5 Picture

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