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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

By Kamal Swami

2016 Delhi Auto Expo: Hyundai to showcase New Tucson, Genesis and N Performance Brand

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Motor India Limited, the country‘s largest exporter and the second largest car manufacturer, has announced its line-up for upcoming 2016 Auto Expo scheduled to be organized in the month of February between 5th and 9th February 2016 at New Delhi, India. The Korean automaker has announced that their Auto Expo theme will be ‘Experience Hyundai´ and under this theme, the Hyundai pavilion will showcase many exciting and innovative products from Hyundai‘s international and domestic line up on 12 zones with 17 products. The pavilion will showcase Hyundai‘s vision in the automotive engineering with world-class product technology.

The Hyundai Pavilion will unveil future cars from HMIL, making first public showcase of new Tucson SUV in India. Apart from this car maker will also show its stand-alone luxury brand, Genesis and its future high performance brand N with The Grand Turismo as showstopper.

Hyundai Vision Gran Turismo

Some exciting zones to look forward are:

1. Future Zone

Hyundai Motor India will also showcase its high performance sub-brand N. The N brand is a result of intensive testing and product development.

2. Premium Zone

Hyundai Motor has showcased an all-new global luxury brand ‘Genesis’ that will deliver ‘human-centered’ with highest standards of performance, design and innovation.

Hyundai Genesis

3. Sports Zone

The i20 Active possesses stylish design and advanced technology to further redefine Hyundai’s automotive excellence in India.

4. Safety Zone

Genesis Crash Car will be siaplayes offering a high level of physical crashworthiness and excellent safety features with high structural integrity and strength.

5. Engagement Zone

At the Engagement Zone, visitors can expereince Hyundai‘s innovative digital initiatives to engage and interact with visitors at the Hyundai Pavilion.

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