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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

By Kamal Swami

2017 to witness the first flying car flying at the speed of 200 kmph

Just one and half year more and you will be free from getting irritated between crawling traffic on road. It is reported that your dream of flying a car and reaching on your destination without being caught in traffic is going to come true in 2017. Developed by Slovakian company Aeromobil the first flying is ready to fly in 2017. The prices of car are expected to be disclosed at the time of time launch. The car is Ultralight and bestows various features of a car.
The car would be offered in petrol engine and once filled full it will fly for 430 miles at the speed of 160 kmph. The flying time of car will shared between two wings during flying and are capable of being get folded on road. According to Mr. Juraj Vakullik the car is expected to be launched in 2017 and will about 150 feet above the ground, although the height of flying will change according to traffic conditions more probably in European countries.
The car will be empowered with Rotax 912 engine. It has measurement of 8320mm width, 6000 mm length, developed with carbon fiber body of steel kaeting and consumes 15 litres petrol per hour and the minimum speed of 60 kph with take-off sped of 130 kmph.

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