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Monday, October 03, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

22 percent fall in automobile industry's hiring activity

The increasing petrol prices and rising interest rates have affected car sales adversely, the automobile industry is witnessing 22 percent fall in hiring activities in the Fiscal Year of 2011-12 so far. However, according to experts, the industry would be high on hiring in the coming months of this fiscal year.

R.Sethuraman, Hyundai's Senior Vice-President, said that the jobs will increase in the coming days, and new but limited positions will be created because of new companies entering the market and expansion of capacities. Dhananjay Nair, Ford's General Manager (HR), feels the same, and said that the upcoming festive season will better the sales and jobs will increase in the coming months. Though, according to him, hiring would not be as much as last year's.

In April to August period of last year, 1,022 people were hired, however, this year, the same period saw hiring of just 724 people, thus marking a 22 percent fall. Experts are, however, optimistic about the forthcoming festive season, and the prospective increase in sales and job market. The recruitment activities in the automobile sector have fallen by one-fourth, as compared to the recruitment activities of last year. The increasing fuel prices rising interest rates on auto finance have had a bad impact on sales figures of automobiles.

Experts believe that most hiring would be in sales, manufacturing and marketing departments, and people who have a positive attitude, sound technical background, and flexibility, would have more chances of getting a job. From organisational perspective, hiring talented candidates that can gel with a company's culture would be a major challenge, and it would be the success mantra.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

it was so happen !!

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