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Monday, May 12, 2014

By Jitendra Singh

692000 units of C-Max Hybrid and Escape SUV called back by Ford due to safety issues

Ford Motors, the American car maker has recalled 692000 units of C-Max Hybrid and Escape SUV due to safety measures associated with these vehicles. The issue has arisen in the units of both these vehicles manufactured during 2013 to 2014 and sold in North American region. The problem has arisen in curtain airbags which do not open during specific conditions and door do not lock properly during drive and may open suddenly which might cause any severe accident. It is reported that C-Max hybrid suffered from the problem of only curtain airbags not opening on time.
According to sources of Ford till now there has not been any accident due to this issue but to protect customers from any unfortunate situation company has taken this step. Talking about the rectifying the error company’s officials said that the issue of curtain bags can be solved by making changes in the programming of software which would be done by company without obtaining any additional cost from customers. On the other side 692700 Ford Escapes have also been recalled due to issue arising on the handles of exterior door which do not lock properly and might open during driving. Company has asked its dealers to go through such vehicles and repair the defected vehicles. 
The sources of company also said that same problem may be also arising in same vehicles sold in other countries.  It is reported that company will be recalling 89,500 units of both vehicles from Canada, 5,83,000 units from US territories and 20,000 units from Mexico.

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