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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

By Manoj Kumawat

77 Year Old Man Designing the Sports Car for Tata Motors

Where most of the people consider seventh decade as the last leg of their life, the Italy based 77 year old Marcello Gandini is working as an energetic youth of eighteen year who is waiting for the reaction of car enthusiasts towards his newly designed sports car Tamo Futuro. Manufactured by India based car maker Tata Motors, the Tamo Futuro is reported to make its first public appearance during the Geneva Motor Show 2017. From the images leaked on different portals till now, it seems to carry the same looks as Ferarri and Lamborghini, but is expected to be priced in range of R. 25 lakh, which would not be the tough job for enthusiasts of sports cars.
Tata Tamo Futuro
 Talking about Marcello Gandini, it would be interested to know that despite of designing cars like Lamborghini Miura. Diablo and Countach, Alfa Romeos, Audi, Maseratis, Citroens, Lancia Stratos, Fiat, Renaults, and the last but not the least Mazdas, Marcello prefer to live away from lime light and just focuses on his work. This attitude of Gandini can be witnessed during the show also where at the time of unveiling he will be busy in planning the design of some other car, rather than being present during the show. Car's designed by Marcello Gandini:
Cars Designed by Marcello Gandini
Cars Designed by Marcello Gandini
 Moving towards Tata Tamo Futuro it is said to be an advanced version of Nano Europa and is claimed to carry most of the derivatives that could not introduced in Europa. It would be interested to know that while developing the Futuro, Gandini was looking after it every activity varying from use of technology to chassis. Although, engineers working Tata Motors have also suggested their feedback during development of this sports car.   

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