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Monday, May 29, 2023

By Kamal Swami

90,000 Units Of Jeep Grand Cherokee Recalled In the US

The US-based carmaker Jeep has recalled 90,000 units of Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L SUVs due to an issue in the steering column. In a statement issued by the SUV maker, the units of these affected Jeep models were manufactured between 2021 and 2023, and equipped with defective steering columns, which may result in the loss of control over the steering wheel. According to the report, the defect took place at the manufacturing plant itself.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Low View
The carmaker initiated the recall after receipt of losing the control of steering wheel. After that, the company initiated an internal enquiry and noticed that among multiple warranty claims, 15 were made for an issue with the steering column. The sources of the company said that they have not received any reports of accidents, injuries or deaths due to this reason. The company also said that some of the SUVs were equipped with defective components during the process of assembling parts. This resulted in the improper installation of the intermediate shaft in these units.
Rectifying the issue, the carmaker noticed that the improper fitting of the intermediate shaft can result in its disconnection with the u-joint, resulting in the loss of control of the steering wheel. This increases the possibility of crashes while driving. From the sources of the carmaker, the owners of these units will notice the problem by identifying the sound coming from the vehicle while turning or while using the steering wheel. The sources also said, that the company will thoroughly detect the issue in recalled units and will replace the defective intermediate shafts accordingly.

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