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Monday, September 19, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

A new Jaguar SUV in the offering

If the sources are to be believed, Jaguar is planning to add a SUV to its line-up of cars. The new Jaguar SUV will compete with the likes of BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Mercedes Benz M Class. Jaguar and Land Rover are now Tata Motors subsidiaries. Currently, Jaguar has no SUV in its lin-up. But its sister company Land Rover has been producing beastly SUVs since its birth. So, there should be no problem in designing and powering Jaguar's SUV. The Jaguar SUV is expected to come out in the market in the year 2015. However, there are no confirmations from the company yet.

Some designers have been trying to sketch out designs that could possibly be what Jaguar's SUV will look like. Jaguar has been one the best luxury carmakers of the world. Jaguar has manufactured some of the best looking cars of all time. And it continues to do so. So, the excitement has grown bigger for its SUV. We can expect something great from the automobile company. The SUV will help Jaguar get in more competition and better its sales in the European markets.

If Jaguar's SUV is priced competitively and provides the best of looks, it can be a success in Indian too.

In India, Jaguar is currently offering three cars. Jaguar XF is priced between Rs. 48.37- Rs. 77.6 Lacs. Jaguar XJ is priced between Rs. 85- Rs. 95 Lacs. And the thrid car Jaguar XK is priced between Rs. 92- Rs. 96.66 Lacs. A fourth car from the company may soon be launched in the country.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Jaguar is expected to off roared in the coming years.He is one such rendering and we must say that looks cool.



Monday, December 17, 2012

I cannot wait to see a new jaguar SUV IN 2015.I fact i wish to be the first in town to drive it. <br />

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