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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

By Manoj Kumawat

ABS to be mandatory from April 2015 for commercial vehicles

With an objective to minimize the road accidents government of India has made integration of Anti-lock Braking System mandatory for all types of commercial vehicles from April 2015. The ABS transits electronic pressure to the wheels facilitating the drive to maintain proper control on his vehicle and protect the vehicle from hitting the object. The ABS for first time was offered in aircrafts during 1929.
According to recent report conducted on number of road accidents taking place throughout the world, it was surprising to see the highest numbers of accidents taking place in India. The report reveals that in 2012 5 lakh accidents took place on Indian roads and about 1.42 lakh people lost their lives. The report also reveals that among these accidents 30% of accidents had taken place from trucks and buses. On the other side one more study reveals that about the total accidents taking place in India during last couple of years 77% of accidents were results of driving at high speed and losing control on vehicles.
Now the government has announced it will be necessary for all commercial vehicles coming from next financial year starting next year in April 2015 to be equipped with ABS. It would be important to mention that after seat belts integration of ABS constitutes an important of safety measures offered in any vehicle. It would be interested to know that apart from integration of ABS as standard feature in all commercial vehicles government of India is also planning on integration of air bags and heads up display mandatory on all vehicles. Because government feels that integration of these tools will assists drivers to keep attentive while driving and help in reducing the number of accidents. 

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