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Monday, April 17, 2017

By Kamal Swami

AeroMobil Flying Car to Come out From Curtains on April 20, 2017

Finally the dream of ‘Flying Car’ will soon come to an end when the Slovakian car maker AeroMobil will pull of the curtains from the world’s first ever flying car during the Top Marques Show to be held in Monaco on April 20, 2017. According to the authentic sources the details regarding unveil of this car will be although finally disclosed during the Top Maraues Show on April 20, 2017. The Marques Show is recognized as one of the exclusive show for showcasing the supercars that will dominate the world auto market in coming future.
AeroMobil Flying Car  Front Side View
The dream of ‘Flying Car’ for the first time emerged on the scene almost two years back when the Slovakian car maker Aeromobil after showcasing the concept of flying car during the same show in 2014 said that it will bring the production version of Flying car in 2017 with flying speed of 200 KMPH. It is rumored that after exhibiting the ready to fly version of this car during the show, the car will go on sale from the beginning of next year. However, prior to this the car maker will have to undergo various legal formalities complying with driving of any car on the roads.
AeroMobil Flying Car Rear View
Under the hood Aeromobil Flying Car will be empowered with Rotax 912 four-cylinder, air-cooled engine that will boost the power of 99 bhp and capable of touching the top notch of 200 kmph. As far as price and other factors are concerned the details would be revealed at the time of its launch, but still it is speculated that in the beginning the price would be beyond the reach of a layman. The car will fly about 150 feet above from the road.

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