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Thursday, May 19, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

After Mitsubishi, Suzuki found culprit in fuel efficiency test

The scandal of revealing false fuel efficiency data by Japanese multinational car Mitsubishi is not yet over, name of one more Japanese car manufacturing company Suzuki Motors also seems to get affected in the same type of scandal. According to recent reports Suzuki Motors has admitted that its team used inappropriate testing methods to calculate the fuel efficiency performance delivered by its mini vehicles. It would be interested to know that Suzuki’s share in mini vehicle segments constitutes to one third of sales made by Japanese car manufacturers.

Suzuki's Logo at 44 Tokoyo Motor Show
The logo of Suzuki Motors displayed at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo. Photo: Reuters
Reports reveal that Japanese car maker dominates mini-vehicles empowered with engine efficiency of 660cc and enjoys tax reduction as determined by Japanese Law. The concern regarding fuel economy figures came into lime light after Mitsubishi admitted for giving wrong details about fuel efficiency performance delivered by few of its mini vehicles.
The acceptance by Suzuki Motors come after an order passed by Japan’s transport ministry asking all car makers to reveal the actual figures of fuel efficiency delivered by their vehicles. As reported earlier that with an objective to come out from the wrong presentation of fuel efficiency figures Mitsubishi has sold 34% of its shares to Nissan Motors. It is speculated that in coming days Mitsubishi could give more details about fuel efficiency figures delivered by its other vehicles.

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