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Thursday, November 10, 2016

By Kriti Gupta

Airbags & Rear View Sensors to Become Mandatory in India

With an objective to minimize the increasing number of accidents and loss of life while driving, government of India is speculating to make integration of safety features like airbags, speed warning system, rear view sensors and child pedestrian mandatory in all vehicles that will be manufactured in Indian car market from October next year.
In a proposal sent by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Ministry has requested government to make features like speed alert system as soon as vehicle crosses the mark of 80 km/h, airbags etc compulsory for all the vehicles to control the increase in number of road accidents. With this the Ministry has also urged for necessary suggestions and any objections raised by car makers on this issue. According to reports on the other side government is also working on establishing its personal safety authority group to be named as Bharat National Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) for rating the upcoming and existing vehicles on the basis of safety provided by them to occupants in case of any crash.

Rear View Sensors
The cars running on roads in today’s date are although equipped with rear view mirrors to have look on vehicles coming from backside and while parking vehicle, but still they are not able to track the children or objects that are close to ground and sometimes getting hit by car resulting in a severe accident. It is estimated that every year around 50,000 accidents happen due to excessive speed and to control this decision regarding integration of warning after crossing the desired speed through an audio is under perusal of government. According to sources of Road Transport and Highways Ministry once the draft is approved by government, soon the Ministry will issue a notification regarding integration of rear view sensors mandatory in all vehicles. 

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