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Friday, March 27, 2015

By Manoj Kumawat

All Tata cars to be embellished with key-less entry system

According to recent reports received from domestic car maker Tata Motors from the third quarter of next year it will bestow all its up-coming cars with key-less entry system. With this home grown car maker will become the first company in country to upgrade its complete portfolio with key-less entry system. The system will imported from German company Marquardt. In the words of Mr. Harald Marquardt, CEO, Marquardt Group, from the third quarter of 2016 all new cars from Tata Motors will be equipped with key-less entry system. 
Moving ahead Mr. Marquardt also said that their group is also developing its R&D centre near Pune and speculates to develop its production unit keeping in consideration the increasing demand for system in future. The key-less entry system will assemble a control system, door sensor, antenna, electronic steering and start-stop button. The cars equipped with key-less entry system in general practice are known as center lock system.
About Marquardt it is the family operated business group that develops intelligent driver authorization system and develops security system for luxurious cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Asking about the actual price of the system, Mr. Marquardt said that at present nothing has been decided so far in this direction and in the beginning it would be supplied from company’s production unit located at China. After that going through the demand from buyers company will establish its production unit in India.

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