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Thursday, February 03, 2022

By Manoj Kumawat

Apple May Launch Its First Car In 2025

The name of Apple doesn’t require an introduction. The gadgets and sfotware developed by Apple Inc. are widely used across the world. After dominating the gadget market for a long time, the leading gadget manufacturer has been planning to make its debut in the world of car manufacturing. There have been lots of rumours regarding this. Interestingly, till now, the company has not made any official statement about the launch of its first-generation car.
Now, according to recent reports emerging in the cyber-world, the company has an aggressive strategy to launch its first car soon in the coming years. If reports are true, the first car from the renowned gadget maker may hit the market sometime in 2025. This has created a fuss among lots of people waiting to drive an Apple car.
Industry experts believe that Apple will use its experience of years in manufacturing its car to make it miles ahead of the cars of today’s generation. The company already dominates the system-on-chip (SoC) technology. The use of hardware and software used by the company will help it, in introducing self-driving technology in the car.
It is for sure that the company will leverage features of its all interconnected devices in developing its car. That means, its car, will not use the platform used by the existing carmakers to develop an electric car or a self-driving car. The company will decide the design and the technology of the car. Under all these speculations, it is a big question how a car from Apple will look like? 

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