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Thursday, July 21, 2022

By Manoj Kumawat

Assam Government Initiates New Process For Issuing RCs And DLs

The state government of Assam has initiated a new process for issuing driving licenses and registration certificates. According to Adil Khan, Secretary, State Transport Department,  the new process is introduced according to instructions from the chief minister and following the notification issued by the Ministry of Road and Transport, Government of India. According to the newly introduced system, the registration certificates and licenses will be issued on a QR-based pattern.
In the words of Adil Khan, “The new system introduced will ensure no multiple visits to the office of DTOs to submit papers, pay fees and collect the printed driving licenses or RCs”. He also added, “the automobile dealers have been delegated powers of registration authority by the transport department for registration of both transport and non-transport vehicles, and to print RCs at the time of selling the vehicles to customers through Aadhaar authentication”. The introduction of QR codes embedded on RCs will offer additional security features like a micro line, watermark, hologram below the top layer, and guilloche pattern. 
According to Khan, once he or she has cleared the test for obtaining a driving license, will not require to visit the DTO for getting his/her license. The printing will be carried at multiple remote centralized locations from where the license will be sent to them by post within three to five days.
In the words of Khan, “The advantages of the QR-code embossed driving licence is that any traffic personnel or law enforcement agencies can easily verify the antecedents of a cardholder by scanning the QR code with a mobile phone and that there is no risk of duplication”.
Moving ahead Khan said, that the introduction of hassle-free printing and issue of RCs by dealers and driving licenses from remote centralized locations will remove the role of brokers and increase transparency in the whole process.

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