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Monday, December 23, 2013

By Kamal Swami

Aston Martin Rapide S unveiled in Coimbatore with price tag of Rs. 4.4 crore (ex-showroom price)

Aston Martin India, the Indian arm of English ultra luxury Aston Martin has introduced Rapide S in Indian Coimbatore with price tag of Rs. 4.4 crore (Ex-showroom price in Mumbai). At present the same car is being sole in markets of European countries and in American car market. Powered with 6.0 litre V12 engine this luxurious sedan develops the power of 558 bhp and torque of 620 Nm, thus accelerating the speed of 100 kmp within the span from 4.9 seconds from standstill.
The architecture of this four doors sedan has been carried from other sports cars being manufactured by the company and has been acclaimed by customers of countries wherever it has been launched so far. This new model will replace the existing model Rapide from globalmarket. The same was confirmed by Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Assistant Sales Manager, of Performance Cars, one of the exclusive dealers of Aston Martin in Mumbai. According to Mr. Gupta the hike in price of new Rapide S has been due to increase in customs duty which has hiked from 110 percent to 175 percent, apart from this the exchange rate of Pounds due to which company has to hike the price.
Pictures of existing Rapide
Apart from this company is also conducting its road show in different countries focusing on 10 to 15 customers. Mr. Gupta also added that apart from Rapide S, company has also unveiled Vantage in Coimbatore and Tripur. The English company made its debut in Indian car market in 2011 and has so far sold out 55 units of its cars in Indian car market.

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