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Friday, May 04, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Aston Martin to launch new car to celebrate its 100th anniversary next year

In 2013, James Bond car brand Aston Martin will turn 100 and in order to celebrate the centenary, the British luxury car maker will be launching a new car. Contrary to the trend that car companies adopt to celebrate such occasions by launching only special edition cars, Aston Martin will be launching an all new car. As per updates the new car could be a remake of Aston Martin DB9 or Aston Martin One 77. However, there is no official update regarding the name of the new Aston Martin car but it could be a special edition of one of these.

Aston Martin DB9 Photo

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As per several media reports regarding Aston Martin’s plans to launch a centennial car which will be entirely new and not based on any of the exiting cars. Usually what car makers do is that they take their best selling car and re launch it with some exterior interior styling, new paint, new body graphics and some added features to celebrate such event. This is what Porsche did with Porsche 911. Significantly, Aston Martin produces cars based on the same car with some styling changes. The best examples are Aston Martin Virage and Aston Martin DBS that are based on Aston Martin DB9.

Aston Martin DBS Pictures

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Thus, auto critics are skeptic about anything “new” in the new car by Aston Martin. However, Aston Martin official have reportedly said that it will be an all new car to celebrate the event. Equally important to note that no companies invests a lot of money for a car that will be of significance for one year. Meanwhile, several media reports also suggest that a new generation Aston Martin DBS is in the making and will be launched soon could be at the time of the 100th anniversary.

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