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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Audi A3 sedan launch at the Shanghai Auto Show

German car maker Audi has a hectic schedule ahead. It will be launching the Audi A3 sedan at the Sanghai Auto Show and way ahead is also full of new cars and refreshed models of the existing cars. in India the car maker is fast catching up pace and it is quite possible that it will be able to attain the numero uno position way ahead of its targeted time. Meanwhile, the car will be unveiled just ahead of the New York Auto Show which is scheduled to begin on March 29. This will one of the most strategic launches of 2013 as the sedan version of the car is long waited for and its launch means that there will be a worth sibling of the Audi A4 and Audi A6 sedans.


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The new Audi sedan will be targeting the Mercedes Benz CLA Class sedan. The sedan will also make the prospects of the car maker bright in the segment and being entirely new in the segment this car will have a lot of enthusiasm from car buyers. It is this factor of being new that will help the car sell well and get some good numbers in the initial year of its launch. As per reports, the car maker will be unveiling the specifications of the Audi A3 sedan at the unveiling just before the NY Show. After the launch at the NY Show and Sanghai debut, the car will be available at the dealerships by late this year. Price wise the car will have a tag more affordable than the A4 sedan that starts at $33,395. So expect a price tag below $30,000.
As per the initial inferences, it is believed that the car will have more popularity in the US than in Europe as the A3 sedan will be launched in US only. The company believes that the car will be able to impress the young generation car buyers the most.

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