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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Audi A3 sedan ready to come to India soon

Audi India has set its high expectations for India and the country seems to reciprocate it with overwhelming response to Audi cars in India. In continuation with its efforts in focusing Indian car market for all its major offerings, Audi is all ready to introduce the new Audi A3 sedan in India. However, the Audi lovers have to wait for sometime as the new Audi sedan will be launched somewhere in 2012. The new sedan will be giving an excellent option to those car buyers who are on the watch for a premium sedan at affordable price.  

Audi A3 Pictures

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The all-new car in India by Audi will be pitched in India as a rival to similar car by BMW in this segment. However, as ever, the Audi avatar will trigger a price war mostly with BMW but it would be a healthy competition for the good of the Indian car buyer.  


Audi A3 Pictures

See More Audi A3 Pictures Get Audi A3 Price

As part of its plans for India, Audi will be launching many new cars in the coming years some of which will be stunning as never before. As per reports, the Audi A8 hybrid limousine will make it to India soon besides the facelift version of Audi A4. Some reports suggest that Audi could unveil the new Audi A4 at the Auto Expo 2012.

Audi A3 Pictures

See More Audi A3 Pictures Get Audi A3 Price

Apart from this, an electric version of the sports car Audi A8 is also expected to be on the stage globally. It is presumed that Audi is following the lines of the likes of Tesla and Fisker and could bring in coupe sports cars and limos that could be used in daily commuting besides others.

Audi may also get inspiration from Porsche which is undergoing rigorous tests on hybrid technology that can really shape the future of commuting making it more economical and sustainable than the present dependence on hydrocarbon based fuels which are fast depleting day by day.

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