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Monday, July 04, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Audi A6 - The Connoted Contraption

When an extravagant business Sedan is formed about, a car which is debonair, serene and chic is perceived. So when the media went for a test drive of the upcoming Audi A6, they got a bolt from the blue. What was seen was wild devil instead of a mere debonair, the serenity was substituted by untainted iniquity and chic was absent although a deadly sense was present. A diverse loom has been seen in Audi products, nevertheless, at this instant; categorically it was other than that. From its initial stare itself, it had a provoking, goading urge to capture it on. For further appraisal, read it on.

It is not always that one gets a prospect to test drive a Sedan on a Formula One track. Subsequently, at the Yas Marina Circuit, whilst test driving the new Audi A6, we resolute to make its wheels screech on the intolerant asphalt of this race path. However, prior to driving the car at the track, we decided to take the machine for a fine whirl in the city to get an experience of the contraption and to observe how its mechanism counters.

Audi A6 Pictures

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Now, let’s see how this fiend looks. The new-fangled Audi A6 has a vibrant and nimble look. It has an elongated top, stumpy although all-encompassing roof-line and the antagonistic lines along its sides. The paramount is the truly impious looking LED cluster which is abode in its headlamps, which in contrast with other manufacturers, seems like a part of the entire covenant rather than an addendum. This could be an exhilarating experience for anybody who is traversing in the monster for a day outing.

Despite the fact that the A6 is gigantic in dimension owing to the employ of extra light and sturdy substance, nevertheless inside the cabin the clatter intensity is at a bare minimum and in motion it is very lissom. It has all the opulence inside which is rather a disparity to its nimble appearance on the exterior.


Audi A6 Pictures

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So back to test drive on the race track, we strapped the beast at spiral curves at the speed of 90 kmph and the Audi A6 hanged on the precise line where we sought it to be. Though we did smoulder fairly a lot of rubber, nonetheless the beast emerged a winner flouting the laws of physics as we took it through the tempo at some of the most vindictive curvatures. In this procedure of raging the engine, what was amazing was the wadding of the interior where no noise from the engine could be felt but merely the vigour of faction.

Some constructive features were the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and its park assist. The ACC is a technically superior driver assistance arrangement in which a radar cruise control adjusts the speed and the distance of Sedan to the vehicle ahead by accelerating and braking in a range from 0 -250 kmph. All that is necessitated is to set the speed and handle the steering. The braking and acceleration parts will be handled by the car.

Audi A6 Pictures

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The park aid facet not only facilitates parallel parking but also takes the car out of delicate circumstances when one is not positive of taking it out without making a dent in its sides. Reasonably constructive in Indian surroundings.

By and large, the Audi A6 appearance and description is competitive enough to give an alarm to its German opponents. The only thing remains to be observed is that if our business class is ready to value Sedan’s innovative and avant-garde experience? Sedan will be commenced in July,2011 and its starting value will be from about 40 lakh.

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