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Monday, May 14, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Audi files application for registering trademarks as part of mission 2018

The second largest luxury car selling company in India Audi, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, has recently given a fresh boost to its efforts of becoming the world’s largest luxury car maker by 2018. In this series, the German car maker has filed trademark application in Europe to assign seven car names and three engine technology names to its credit. This will not only help the car maker have these car names exclusively its own but will also help it attain dominance in the car market.

Audi R8 Pictures

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As per the sources information, Audi will be launching 18 new and facelift cars by this year end and this will help the car maker expand its base in India which is a prime market for the car maker especially when the recession is hovering over Europe and US. Sources also informed that Audi has filed patents for registering names including Audi Q6, Audi Q8 in the SUV series, Audi R6, Audi S2, S9, Audi RS1 and Audi RS8 in the other cars category. Notably, the Audi Q6 and Q8 will be larger and largest SUVs by Audi and will take on BMW X6 Crossover. Meanwhile, the car maker has also applied for registering the trademark e-gasoline, e-benzin and e-diesel to its credit. Notably these three will be the green engine technologies by Audi.


Audi R8 Pictures

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The R6 is expected to be a supercar whereas the new R8 model will be the new car that is expected to be much affordable than the present R8. The RS1 could be the junior to the RS5 power pack Audi car. Whereas S2 and S9 will be the sports versions of the A2 and A9 cars that Audi intends to launch soon. All these new entrants are expected to step up Audi’s prospects in becoming the number one car maker in India and around the world. It is at the second pedestal and climbing the number one position by overthrowing BMW is quite an uphill task for the German car maker.

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