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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Audi Q3 bookings cross 400 units, BMW expedites new X1 launch

The Audi Q3 launch has been sensational and now as per the reports coming in, the new Audi SUV has clocked over 400 units booking in less than a week. The smaller sized SUV than Audi Q5 and big daddy of SUVs Audi Q7, the Q3 has made its entry in India on June 6. Now that the Q3 is in and has come well as is suggested by the bookings, the German car maker BMW is in the process of bringing in the Audi Q3 rival SUV – BMW X1 in a new avatar. The Audi Q3 price in India is Rs 26.21 lakh and is the most affordable than the other two SUVs – Q5 and Q7.

Audi Q3 Pictures

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As per the sources information, Audi did a survey before the launch and had pin pointed the potential markets for the Q3 in India and soon after the launch these markets spread across India have been explored with full thrust. Even before the launch, now and then much hype was created due to some or the other detail about the Q3. Meanwhile, the Q3 bookings figure has crossed over 400 units in less than a week’s time since its launch on June 6 and it shows how desperately India was waiting for the Audi SUV launch. In addition to the overall looks and appeal of the new SUV, it also is promoted well by the car maker and Audi is targeting the young generation. The advertisement says ‘Start Young’ that means the Q3 is meant for those young people who have some ready cash and who wish to buy SUV of this size.

BMW X1 Pictures

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As per the information available, Audi will be booking only 500 units in the first phase and then the number will be increase in the consecutive bookings based on the response by the car buyers. Meanwhile, BMW seems to be giving final touches to Q3 rival SUV BMW X1 and could launch its facelift model in the coming days. Notably, it is a matter of concern for BMW as where the X1 sell 500-800 units monthly, the booking figures of Q3 might bring sleepless nights to the German car maker.

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