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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Audi Q3 Facebook teaser says Start Young

Audi Q3’s new mantra on social networking site Facebook is to ‘start young’. The third in the family of SUVs after big brother Audi Q7 and next to Audi Q5 SUV, the Q3 proposed that if the average age of CEO of companies has gone down from 55 to 39, why not start with Q3 at young age. The Rs 25 lakh SUV is expected to be launched in India soon in the coming months and will join the fleet of Audi SUVs in India. In India, it will be a close rival of BMW X1, Nissan X Trail, Chevrolet Captiva and Honda CR-V.

Audi Q3 Pictures

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The Q3 was unveiled at the Auto Expo held in New Delhi in January this year. The third in the series SUV is relatively small in size but has the same SUV capabilities as its seniors have. Now that the Audi Q3 launch is about to happen in India, a teaser is on the flow on the internet and Facebook suggesting the young generation to add the new SUV by Audi in their fleet of cars. As per the teaser ad on Facebook, Audi suggests that when the average age of becoming CEO of any company has decreased from 55 to 39 yrs, the younger generation must think about an Audi SUV as their car.


Audi Q3 Pictures

See More Audi Q3 Photos Get Audi Q3 Price

In India, the Q3 is expected to be available in both petrol and diesel options. The petrol powered Q3 will be powered by a 2 L TFSi engine while the diesel Q3 will have 2 L TDi engine. The smaller than Q5 SUV is expected to have a 4x4 all wheel drive version in India as well. Significantly, Audi sales in India recently had a major contribution of the Q7 and Q5 SUVs as there was an increase in overall sales of SUVs in India. Notably, a smaller than Audi Q3 which is expected to be Q1 is said to be in the making.

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