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Monday, April 30, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Audi S4 launch soon in India

Audi has received lots of appreciation and love in India and recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in the country. Now, this luxury car maker is mulling to introduce Audi S4 in India, which would not only make its portfolio much more impressive but will also help Audi to fetch more love and appreciation from its loyal fans. the new Audi S4 is expected to hit the Indian roads on 3rd May 2012. Audi S4 is said to be a sporty and sleek model of a sedan. Audi India is already quite popular in the country and has been offering a wide range of luxury SUVs and sedans. Of late, Audi managed to become the second largest premium car maker in India.

Audi A4 Pictures

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During the development of Audi S4, Audi has altered its body kit to make the car even sportier and lavish. This has been done by amplifying the suspension, which cuts down the height of the car a hefty 20mm. Furthermore, to enhance the sportiness of the car, Audi has fitted in huge18 inches of alloy wheels, which ensure bump free ride even on rugged Indian topography. All thanks to these additions, the new Audi S4 will deliver as sporty performance as Audi A4. However, it is expected that Audi will make some technical changes in the engine and interiors to make it perfect for India.

Audi TT Picture

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Talking about the technical specifications, the manufacturer will fit Audi S4 with 3.0 litre of six cykkinder TFSI engine, which would conveniently churn out 333 HP of peak power along with 440 Nm of maximum torque. This dynamic and robust engine will be coupled with seven speed S Tronic transmission, which would help the car to touch the 100 km per hour speed mark in merely 5 seconds. This acceleration figure certainly sounds like a show stealer. Another major highlight of Audi S4 is its mileage. Apparently, Audi S4 will deliver a decent mileage of 12.34 km per litre, which is quite inspiring for a sporty sedan.

Audi RS5 Pictures

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Furthermore, Audi S4 is expected to feature advanced Quattro technology, which is also seen in other Audi models as well. This technology helps the engine to send the power to all four wheels and also enhance the stability along with driver control and overall car dynamics. Audi India has also worked on its braking capacity and incorporated the car with immensely impressive braking system, which would handle the rise in engine output when stooping the car with utmost ease and comfort.

Audi R8 Pictures

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In spite of offering sporty cars like Audi R8, Audi RS5 and Audi TT, Audi’s new offering, S4 will certainly make a difference and provide its Indian portfolio more charm and glory. The new Audi S4 is said to be a perfect amalgamation of practicality, logic and high performance. This unique and distinctive trait will provide the car a huge market approach and would create a right launch pad for more S series Audi models that are planned for India.

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