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Monday, May 28, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Audi S4 right for India, answer it yourself!

Audi India is running a very innovative online promotional campaign for Audi S4. In this campaign, the firm is asking the Indian consumers if they really think that Audi S4 is perfect for Indian car market or not? This is being asked on Audi’s official Facebook page. If you wish to answer this question than all you have to do it to tag yourself on the image and as soon as you tag, pixel hiding Audi S4 is unlocked. As the all the pixels are unlocked, a concrete decision will be presented by Audi India.

It is very important for any brand to connect to its fans. Therefore, involving the car fanatics in deciding whether to launch Audi S4 in India or not is certainly the move that Audi could take right now. This Facebook crusade will also show the feasibility of the launch of the car.

It is matter of investing crores of rupees, so Audi will have to be careful on the decision it will be taking as few votes cannot decide whether to bring in the car in the Indian car market or not. However, if the outcome of this campaign comes out to be positive, it will create a strong promotional ground for Audi S4.

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