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Monday, February 18, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Audi S6 and New RS5 to grace Indian roads soon

The luxury car segment is on the brink of welcoming Audi India on its top position. The car giant has just missed the top slot last year but this year it seems that it will be doing it well before the target. In an attempt to register its position, the car giant will be launching the Audi S6 in May followed by Audi RS5 this year. Thus the car brand not only looks aggressive but is spearheading to the pinnacle in order to beat BMW India by a heavy margin. Last year it was just 300-400 cars more that BMW India sold and this year Audi plans to sell around 500-600 more than what it sold last year. Meanwhile, the launch of these cars will again be reiterating Audi’s firm belief in the Indian market.

Audi RS5 Pictures

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Already the car maker has launched the new Audi Q5, new Audi R8 and Audi Q3 petrol trim this year and these three products in the offing will again keep it a happening brand. The new S6 or aka the adrenaline powered Audi A6 is all set to rock the segment and it will have takers who want some serious power under the hood. The car will be powered by 420 bhp 4 L V8 engine coupled with 7 speed dual clutch transmission.

This much power is incomparable and so it can beat even the sports cars such as Ferrari. In order to remove the tag of being fuel guzzler, Audi has put in the cylinder deactivation system following which the car operates number of cylinders based on the power demand. As soon as the car craves for power for overtaking etc, the engine gets fire and the car zooms ahead. Meanwhile, the new Audi RS5 is also in the offing and it will soon be launched sometime late this year, could be during the festive season.

Audi RS5 Front Low Angle View Picture Audi RS5 Front Seats Picture Audi RS5 Steering Wheel Picture Audi RS5 Tachometer Picture Audi RS5 Rear View Picture

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