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Thursday, April 12, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Audi takes second position in luxury car sales, Mercedes pushed to third, BMW already a leader

German car maker Audi has acceded to the second spot in the luxury segment car segment in India. It has overtaken its fellow German brand Mercedes Benz. The top position being already taken over by BMW in India for the last two years. Shuffle it anyway, there will be a German car maker in the first three as Indian players are still not able to have the tough of luxury as these do. The sales figures of the three car makers suggests that Audi sold the highest number of cars compared to BMW and Mercedes Benz in January to March 2012 this year.

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For Audi it is Audi A4 that has helped gain volumes while it is the BMW 3 series and BMW X1 cars that have brought accolades for this German car maker. These two cars have driven past Mercedes Benz car sales in India. Mercedes sold around 139 less units than Audi in the first quarter while BMW sold around 100 units more than the 2269 units sold by Audi in India. Notably, Mercedes was the first to enter the luxury car segment in India and despite of this lead in the market it had to fall short in sales due to the more robust car sales by Audi and BMW. Audi started operations in India in 2007 and since then there were more players that have come in the luxury car segment in India.

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It is now after over 15 years of presence that Mercedes cars have to lose their crown to the relatively new entrant Audi. Mercedes has reportedly blamed the low featured low priced corporate editions by Audi and BMW to have dented the sales of its cars in India. Whereas Mercedes stresses on luxury and feature rich products and its customers are after than rather than features less and low price.

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