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Friday, November 29, 2013

By Kamal Swami

Audi to hike prices of its vehicles from January 2014

Following the rat race of hiking prices one more luxurious car from Germany Audi has announced to hike prices of its vehicles from January 1, 2014. This announcement of hike in prices from German car maker has come out after two days back when another German car maker BMW had announced that it will hike the prices of its vehicle from January 1, 2014. According to sources the percentage of this hike in prices will vary from 3% to 5%.
Commenting on the decision of hike in prices Mr. Joe King, Audi India head said that although Audi has recorded good sales statistics during the month of October 2013, under the diverse market circumstances.  According to him as an impact of economic conditions existing in market and increasing competition from contenders like BMW, company had to take decision of hiking prices of its products. Mr. King also said that keeping expectations of customers in concern company has tried to increase the prices to minimum level. He also added that to facilitate customers to cope with the condition of price hike company is going to offer flexible finance options on purchase of any Audi vehicle.
It should be remembered that this for the second time company has announced hike in its prices, as prior to this during start of this year also company had increased the prices of its products being sold Indian car market. And it would be interested to know that even after that company recorded an increase of 17.8% during the month of October 2013 as compared to sales during the same period last year. With this company is going to soon become the first luxurious car making company in Indian car market to sale of 10,000 units of its vehicle in a year. As the result of which company is going to extend its dealership network in country.

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