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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

By Kriti Gupta

Audi to invest $35.5b to bring 10 new cars by end of this decade

German luxurious car maker Audi has some aggressive plans to explore its portfolio during next four years. According to sources car maker is going to invest 24 Billion Euros ($35.5 billion) which would be one of the highest investments made by company since its inception. Reports also reveal that the major portion of this investment around 17 billion Euros ($25.2 billion) would be invested in developing new models resulting in exploring the portfolio of company’s model from 50 models to 60 models by end of this decade. The sources of company said that during next four years company will focus on development of vehicles representing C and D segment followed by Q SUFV family.
Audi TT Front View Picture
In the words of Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, head, Audi’s technical development, company is working hard on its future portfolio which would involve vehicles developed on connected vehicle technology, followed by development of technically developed vehicles of generation next car enthusiasts. According to him they are working regularly on developing vehicles with different driving system which would be bestowed with latest technical features. Mr. Hackenberg also said that their future cars will have communication with driver, with internet, and would be eco friendly vehicles. The first step towards this strategy would be launch of new TT that is slated for launch in Australia sometimes in the month of February. The worth mentioning of this car would be cockpit interior concept which will merge both instruments and MMI screen in single digital unit.
The remaining portion of investment would be invested on extending the manufacture centers of company located in Germany and across the world. Apart from this company is also speculating to extend its workforce.

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