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Friday, November 11, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Audi to launch 3 new cars at 2012 Auto Expo

The upcoming January 2012 Auto Expo will feature the exhibition of German brand Audi’s three cars and an entire new array of concepts related to technology, stated by Mr. Michael Perschke, Head for Audi in India. The display of these latest products and techniques by Audi is aimed to seize the second position in the luxury segment and to strengthen its growing popularity in the nation, he added.

Germany based automaker Audi in India has registered some phenomenal sales figures in the initial ten months of this year which boasts an upward movement of 85 percent with 4,692 vehicles. With these volumes it has left behind its German luxury counterparts BMW and Mercedes Benz. Audi will soon launch the ‘e-tron’ series; a revolutionary new concept, for its sedan A3 and S6 sporty limousine along with this, the brand also intends to unveil its most successful Q series Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) with some add-ons.

Audi’s light weight engine technology called ‘Ultra range’ that comprises the use of aluminum and carbon-fiber metal for reduction of weight in its latest car offerings together with ‘Connect’ responsible to focus on the variety available in the interior and exterior of its car for the consumer.

As per the Audi Head, India is among the top ten deliberate markets for the company besides China. He continued saying that the German auto giant is determined to come up with advanced configurations for the country’s auto sector; which is bound to become a chief seller of luxury automobiles and is situated next to Audi’s crucial Chinese and American auto markets.

Since the firm will exhibit three new automobiles at the Auto show, he said that the target is to uphold the current position it has held in past months along with keeping an eye on the future prospect of growth in sales.

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