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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Audi to open used car showrooms next month

Just as the new car market is on the rise so is the used car segment. Sensing this trend many car makers have plunged into this lucrative affair and many more are to come. The latest addition will be Audi India. The German car maker will be starting its used car business by next month. Thus those who wish to have Audi Q3 in their parking lot but are somewhat short of funds can go an Audi certified Q3 from the pre-owned showroom the company is about to open. Unlike other pre owned business ventures, Audi will be showcasing pre-owned Audi cars only at the used car showroom it intends to open next month. Though there is no official word from the car maker but it is highly expected.  

Audi Q3 Pictures

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It is believed that Audi sees over 20 percent business from the used car wing. As per the details available, the whole discussion about the pre-owned car venture by Audi began with Michael Perschke’s reported statement in which he intended to open Audi pre-owned car showrooms in India. Also, now that Audi cars have settled in India and the first buyers have also started selling or exchanging their pre-owned cars for new Audi and other cars, it is believed that the new venture will not only offer value proposition to Audi car buyers, it will also help build trust in the brand as all verified and trusted cars will be sold at these showrooms.  

See More Audi Q3 Photos Get Audi Q3 Price

It is expected that all the 15 Audi car models will be available at these showroom which are about to be opened in various parts of the country, prominently metros. As per the recent reports, Audi cars upto 5 to 7 years old will be put up at the showrooms for sale and this will include all the available models including the Audi Q3, Audi A7, Audi A6 sedan and others. As far as the price of the pre owned Audi cars is concerned, the cars will have a price tag between 55 percent to 65 percent of the original price of the car.

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