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Thursday, May 17, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Audi’s mission 2018 in full swing, 18 new Audi cars lined up for launch

Volkswagen subsidiary and the second best selling luxury car maker in India – Audi is fuelling its production lines across the globe to produce more cars in order to achieve its mission 2018. In this pursuit, the car maker will be launching over 18 new Audi cars along with several new models of the existing Audi cars. In India, Audi cars specially the Audi A6 and Audi A7 sedans have done exceptionally well along with Audi Q3 and Audi Q5 SUVs. With the launch of new Audi cars, it is expected that the target of being the world’s largest car maker will not be a distant dream.

Audi A6 PhotoAudi A7 Photo

As per the sources information, the car manufacturer has filed several applications for patents to its names. These include the R6, Q6, S2, Q8, RS8, and S9, RS1 etc. while the car maker has also registered for trademarks for some of its greener technologies such as e-benzin, e-gasoline and e-diesel. Initially, it is all a guess game as no official information is yet out from Audi regarding the said filing of trademark requests. As per informed sources, the car maker will be bringing in a new car called as Audi Q8 that will be even bigger in power and size than the Audi Q7. This SUV is expected to be a mammoth SUV both in size and in terms of power.

Audi Q3 PhotoAudi Q5 Photo

Another new car among the 18 slated in the next few years will be a new Audi Q6. A significant addition to the line will be Audi S2 and Audi S9 which will be the sports versions of the Audi A2 and Audi A9 cars. Meanwhile experts believe that RS1 will the more powerful and sports avatar of the Audi A1 while the RS8 will the sports version of Audi A8. Similarly Audi R6 will be a smaller car than the Audi R8. The engine technology patents filed are the greener and more fuel efficient technologies that Audi has devised to be part of the Audi cars.

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