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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Auto Industry suffered the loss of Rs. 4000 crore

Delhi Traffic
The ban on transportation of diesel vehicles in Delhi and NCR region with more than 2000 displacement capacity has resulted in the loss of Rs. 4000 crore to Indian car industry, this was told  by Mr. Vinod Dasari, President, SIAM today during the 58th Annual Session of the Automotive component manufacturers association. According to Mr. Dasari, due to hype in media and incorrect information provided to court the ban was implied on diesel vehicles. The ban on diesel vehicles however has been lifted by the Supreme Court during the beginning of this month.
In the words of Mr. Dasari, every auto enthusiast is interested to follow the rules of auto industry according to government rules and regulation. But at the time when ban was imposed on diesel vehicles no one wanted to look towards the actual cause of the problem.  Moving ahead he added that auto industry is one of the biggest industries offering 30 million jobs to tech graduates across the country and counts for 50% of actual GDP. Blaming auto industry for every situation is unfortunate, whether it is the matter of pollution, traffic or accident, every time finger is pointed towards auto industry.
Giving an illustration of fog in Delhi, Mr. Dasari explained every year due to excess of fog in winter every segment of society blames auto industry responsible for the emergence of fog, whereas the fact is that less 20 percent of pollution is generated by vehicles running on roads. Mr. Dasari feels that actual developers of pollution are old diesel vehicles and therefore instead of banning existing diesel vehicles, government should make a policy to control the transportation of older vehicles.  Mr. Dasari questioned that will 1 percent CESS on diesel vehicles with more than 2000 cc displacement capacity help in solving the problem of pollution in Delhi and will people stop buying such vehicles only because of 1 percent tax?
Mr. Dasari urged the auto experts that it is the time for auto industry to regain its image and take the problem of pollution as challenge.

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