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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Bajaj banking high on RE60 small car lookalike, hopes to transform intra city mobility

Bajaj RE60 unveiled just ahead of the Auto Expo created a sensation in the market that the proposed small car for India from Bajaj-Nissan-Renault joint venture has finally arrived. Alas! It was not more than hype. However, the RE60 four wheeler rickshaw has every feature to transform intra-city public mobility medium. And it is with this motive that the largest three wheeler manufacturer in India as set a goal to replace rickshaw with the Bajaj RE60 which is weather proof and also returns high mileage. Recently, Bajaj has set a goal to replace 15-20 percent of the three-wheeler models with the RE60 in Ahmedabad. Notably, RE60 small car look alike has bagged good response and queries from rickshaw association across the country.  


Bajaj RE60 Pictures

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Initially thought as the Tata Nano competitor and the long awaited small car by Bajaj, the RE60 happened to be a public mover rather than a passenger car. Notably, Bajaj has a three wheeler Bajaj RE already on roads and it sells around 4000 RE’s per month in Ahmedabad alone. As per CK Rao, Vice President - Commercial Vehicles, Bajaj Auto Ltd, the three wheeler customers gave a tremendous response to RE60 and wish to buy it instead of the three wheeler RE model. Factors such as high mileage, all weather protection and extra space are what Bajaj offer to woo more and more rickshaw drivers. Enthused with the response it is getting from Gujarat, Bajaj is expected to launch the RE60 in the state soon and expects a huge response from existing and new three-wheeler auto rickshaw customers.   

Bajaj is also thinking of presenting the RE60 as an excellent option for intra city mobility when there is widespread urbanization around. Equipped with DTSi engine with four valves and a new injection system, the Bajaj RE60 promises best in class fuel efficiency and performance.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bajaj RE60 small car. But could not beat the nano.

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