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Monday, April 08, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Bajaj RE60 nears launch

Prior to the launch of Bajaj RE60 just ahead of Auto Expo last year there was much commotion in the Indian car market. Everybody thought that an ultra low cost car will come but in vain. The car was rumored to be the rival of Tata Nano and Maruti 800 but in vain. Silencing all enthusiasm in the Indian car industry, what Bajaj launched was a quadricycle. Now that it is more than a year, the so called car is about to be launched by the motor cycle maker after it will get a green signal from the government. The RE60 seems like a small car but is in actuality a four wheel motorbike.

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Since this is first of its kind vehicle in India, the government is also in the process of formulating the rules and regulations for the same. Once the norms are arrived at, the RE60 will undergo necessary changes and it will then be launched. It is believed that the car will have high standard safety norms on the lines of Euro NCAP and after it is able to pass all the local safety tests it will be given an approval. The delay in the launch of this car is due to it being a new car which is one of a kind and also due to several safety issues as this is not a conventional auto rickshaw or a motor cycle.

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Powered by 200 cc DTSi petrol engine, the RE60 will be the highest mileage four wheeler in the country. Weighing only 500 kg, the car will have 20 PS power and its top speed is limited to 70 kmph following safety standards. The engine is a single cylinder one and it is more like the upgraded form of the DTSi engine used in Bajaj motor bikes.

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