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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Bentley Mulsanne Vision Concept swarm in, launch at Paris Motor Show

The British luxury automobiles manufacturer Bentley has recently showcased the images of the new four-seater convertible concept Bentley Mulsanne Vision Concept and in all probability it will be launched at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The Bentley Mulsanne Vision Concept is different with respect to the dimension as well as body styling than the Bentley Mulsanne and this British car is expected to rock the world car market soon reviving the remembrances of the Bentley Azure. In India, Bentley currently offers Bentley Azure whose price starts at Rs 3,99,00,000, Bentley Brooklands that has a price tag starting Rs 3,80,00,000, Bentley Continental (starts at Rs 1,65,00,000) Bentley Mulsanne that is a Rs 2.69 crore car. All cars are imported in as is state and are available on pre order.

Bentley Mulsanne Photo

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As per the details available, the new car that is in the making by the British car maker will have a lot of features that will differentiate it from Azure. First it will be a new car and will be based on the Mulsanne. Second, it will have a drop top and it will be fully convertible four seater car. Thirdly, it will be a little six-inch short in length than the Mulsanne. Fourthly, it is expected to have a slightly different body styling than the Mulsanne as is evident by the images that have come up. Besides, the reports also suggest that the car was showcased to some at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance but it was not a production ready car and thus in all probability it will have a public appearance at the Paris Motor Show.

Bentley Mulsanne Photo

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Bentley cars are known for their luxury and comfort both for the driver as well as the passengers. Besides these British luxury cars are known for their safety features. In India there are only a handful of Bentley cars but with the growing craze for luxury cars, it is expected that the car maker will be launching other cars as well.

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