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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

By Manoj Kumawat

Beware While Recharging Your FASTag: A New Case Of Online Fraud

For the car owners who have not yet installed the FASTag on their car it is not less than an unsolved riddle and for those who have got it installed in their car is not less than a miserable question. Besides the problem in recharging the card online, a new case had been recently filed by A Class 1 gazetted officer in Uttar Pradesh. According to the reports the office was duped of Rs. 99,265 after he tweeted to HDFC complaining that he paid Rs. 700 for recharging the FASTag online.
According to him, he posted several tweets to the HDFC Bank during the last couple of days, and his last tweet was on the evening of Thursday last week. After which on Friday morning he received a call from a person impersonating himself as the representative of HDFC bank and telling him that one of their executives will call him within the three days. Surprisingly, within the few hours of his call, he received a call from another person presenting himself as the customer care executive of the HDFC Bank. And when he narrated his problem to the executive he asked him to provide all the information, including BHIM, UPI PIN in a Google form sent by him. The officer said that the guy did not told his name on asking.
FASTag Recharge
When the officer asked him the reason for filling the information related to the above-mentioned accounts, he said that as you have paid the amount using these credentials, the amount recovered will be deposited directly in the same account. Believing his words the officer provided him all the details required by him. After which he started receiving the text messages on his phone, but at the same time he was busy in conversation with the so-called bank executive he could read the messages. In-between the fellow withdrew the amount of Rs. 99,265 in three installments of Rs. 49,000, Rs.25,000 and Rs. 25,000 from his salary account.
Commenting on the situation Mr. R. K. Bhartiya, SP (Crime) said, that the experts of the cyber branch have been asked to rectify the issue by tracking the transaction details and checking the gateway where the amount is transferred by putting the account number on surveillance.

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