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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo unveils at Geneva Show

Many swanky car models have been introduced in the market but the charm of BMW still continues to captivate the imagination of the car lovers. BMW 3 series GT did fetch limelight at the Geneva Motor Show as for this year as it is the first German world premier happened of the Gran Turismo (GT) model. Though, the introduction of this model was being announced a month back but unveiling took place during this show. Audience was really mesmerized to see that this car model features a top-notch design. It looks like a mini BMW 5 Series GT.

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Among its major USP features, coupe like profile and frameless windows are prominent ones. Apart from them, there is an active rear spoiler at the back side of the car that enhances an aesthetic appeal to a great extent. It is not only an addition to an aesthetic appeal but it also enhances the performance of the car as it reduces the lift at the highway speeds. This kind of active rear spoiler is first of its own kind of accessory on a BMW. As far as internal space is concerned, the rear and front passengers are able to avail more benefit from a seating position that is almost 59 mm higher than the version of sedan. For the passengers of rear seat, there is full 70mm of extra legroom that is higher than Sports and Sedan version.
Another commendable effort has been made regarding boot of the car. It has been enhanced to 520 liters from the sedan version. The 3 GT will be made available in three lines - Modern, Luxury and Sport. There is also a possibility of introduction of M Sport version; however, company has not confirmed its release. This car will be powered by 2.0 liter 4 cylinder featuring Twin Turbo engine in the 328i guise. People, who want engine offering more power, 335i will prove to be a good alternative. Both the engines will contain 8-speed automatic transmission.

BMW Gran Turismo BMW Gran Turismo BMW Gran Turismo BMW Gran Turismo BMW Gran Turismo

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