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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

BMW 520i replaces BMW 523i in India

The German automobile giant BMW is busy retaining its numero uno position in India. Where it has pushed Mercedes to the second position (which was further pushed to third by Audi), the auto maker is busy in putting in all it can to infuse more attraction to its present line up besides an effort to add new BMW cars. In this series, media reports suggest that it has developed a new BMW 5 Series car in India. Meanwhile, the car maker is all set to launch the 2 L avatar of BMW 3 Series in the coming months.

BMW 5 Series Pictures

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As per reports, BMW has added a new car BMW 520i replacing the BMW 523i to the existing lineup that includes: BMW 520i, BMW 535i in petrol and BMW 520d, BMW 525d and BMW 530d in diesel. The 520i has slightly less power than the 523i. Where the 2497 cc engine in 523i used to output 201 bhp, the 520i outputs only 184 hp. However, in terms of torque, the 520i performs better at 270 Nm compared to 250 Nm maximum torque output by the 523i. Now replacing the 523i, the BMW 520i is the entry level trim and it is expected that BMW might issue a new price soon and the booking are said to have already begun. But it is sure that despite of being low on power, the new BMW 520i will be performing well than the 523i petrol car.

BMW 5 Series Pictures

See More BMW 5 Series Photos Get BMW 5 Series Price

However with dwindling craze for petrol cars, shuffling some engine in the present lineup is not going to make much difference and the diesel driven BMW 520d priced around Rs 42.40 lakh will be the most sought after BMW 5 Series model car in India. Though in the case of a rise in diesel prices that are impending now, the petrol powered BMW 520i will be much attractive at around Rs 40 lakh.

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