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Friday, June 08, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

BMW expects moderate growth this year

If the luxury car segment leader is saying so – there must be something behind it. German luxury carmaker BMW has reportedly expressed its concern that the sales of BMW cars in India will be slower this year following not so inspiring economic condition of the country. However, the best selling BMW cars such as BMW X1 will remain on the top of the best selling luxury cars list. The Rupee is depreciating, the fuel prices are up, interest rates are high, proposed excise duty on diesel cars is there and what not is pulling down car sales in the country.

BMW X1 Pictures

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With not so conducive factors prevailing in the country, the German car maker experts to grow by only 20 percent this year compared to the 45 percent growth it had registered last year. Meanwhile, BMW has launched the new dealership for its MINI brand cars in New Delhi. Notably, since its launch in India BMW Mini cars such as BMW Mini Cooper and BMW Mini Countryman models have become quite popular and BMW has sold over 50 units of the Mini cars in India. The Mini series has been a success in India despite of being priced in the range of Rs 25 lakh to Rs 36 lakh, the small cars sell well.


BMW X1 Pictures

See More BMW X1 Photos Get BMW X1 Price

Meanwhile, BMW is in the process of giving the X1 SUV a price slash before its rival Audi Q3 arrives in India. The new BMW X1 is expected to be priced slightly less than the current model and this is expected to further strengthen its hold over the segment. Whereas India still awaits the new BMW 7 Series luxury saloon. Out of the 11 models BMW currently offers in India, the BMW X1 and the BMW 3 Series are most popular besides BMW X3 and BMW 5 Series.

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