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Friday, January 27, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

BMW future cars to have innovative touch sensitive fabric technology

BMW cars are known world wide for their mesmerizing innovative technology and now the German car maker has decided to add another feather to its cap. BMW is developing a touch based system that will automatically control the air conditioning, music system and other vitals. If this becomes a reality, BMW cars will become the most convenient cars to drive. Currently, the project is in developmental phase and we can see BMW cars sporting these innovative features soon.

As per sources, BMW is soon to innovate a touch sensitive material that will be solely responsible for controlling the interior temperature, shuffling music and adjusting the comfort level inside. The material is being developed by Polytechnic School in Montreal, Canada research team. Once tried and tested vigorously in cars, the touch sensitive cloth will replace the array of push buttons in BMW cars. Thus it is like the ease of touch of a smartphone meant for a car.

Further information about the material reveals that it will be a new fabric but will be able to conduct electricity thus by just touching it a requisite function can be made. By touching the material, the electrical charge flows and based on the amount of charge a specific function can be triggered. This will be controlled by a software that can be programmed beforehand. During experiments, the researchers have found that the cloth responds to finger touched and swipes as the capacitance changes. This will help make out where the cloth was touched and thus the finger movements on the cloth can be like a touchscreen and can be used to control an array of features inside the car.  It will be a matter of surprise as to which BMW car will debut such next generation feature. Sources say that all future BMW cars will have this technology in place.

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