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Thursday, December 29, 2011

By Manoj Kumawat

BMW i8 ready for production, to be launched in 2015

You have seen BMW i8, you have seen its moves in the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol movie released recently. Now the very same BMW Vision EfficientDynamics based car will soon be a realty as its production could start soon. BMW is said to be testing this car around and once the test phase is over, anybody can have this adrenaline machine in his garage.

The speed mongers will be greatly pleased with BMW i8 as it can reach the 100kmph mark in just 4.8 seconds and that too without any noise under the hood. In addition to it, being part of the i-concept, the BMW i8 also have stunning looks and have very sport doors. It has two doors that facilitate entry to the front and rear seats. Besides, in order to give it a real sporty appearance there is a pair of uniquely designed bumpers and a set of tail lights. The i8 concept was shown as being electrically powered and a small diesel engine. The real BME i8 will be powered by four cylinder turbocharged engine.


The BMW i8 is considered to be the next step in the evolution of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept and it was originally thought to be a plug-in hybrid. It was thought to have an electric drive system from the hatchback BMW i3 Concept at the front and a combustion engine at the rear.


However, the i8 concept looked futuristic, its real production will have quite similar statistics. Te German car giant has already showcased the two concepts i3 and i8 at global auto shows lately. After their test phase these cars will be ready for production but as per a projection, BMW i8 and BMW i3 will take another three years to get a real shape and arrive on the roads.

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