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Thursday, November 22, 2012

By Pawan Rana

BMW India launches largest dealership in India

India’s largest luxury car maker has launched the largest dealership at Faridabad. The facility known as Deutsche Motoren is largest in terms of space as well as facilities. This new BMW dealership is located at Mathura Road and it is here that the new BMW X6 launch happened. The launch price of the X6 is Rs 78.9 lakh and the range topper goes up to Rs 93.4 lakh. It is said that with the new dealership in place and the new offering, BMW will be able to strengthen its position against Audi and Mercedes Benz which are giving tough competition to it recently.  


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Both pre and post sales services will be provided at the new dealership and as per the reports the new dealership is expected to have the largest footfall as it is spacious and has better services. The launch of the new X6 happened here and it is here that the officials have said in their statement that the year ahead is crucial and the car maker expects some big time during this period. Primarily, it will be the launch of new BMW X1, which is the most popular BMW SUV in the X Series besides the BMW X3 and then there will be the BMW 7 Series launch in the country. Thus both the new launches as well as expansion of the sales and service base will help the car maker in ensuring its presence in the market. 



See More BMW X6 Photos Get BMW X6 Price


As per the company, BMW will be taking the total number of dealers to 50 in the next two years. Presently, BMW has 29 dealerships in India. In addition to this, the car maker might not plunge into the volume market and would rather stress on luxury vehicles and takes a long term perspective for India. 

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Friday, November 23, 2012

BMW Acceleration is superb.

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