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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

BMW India maintains its momentum, sold 9375 cars in 2012

It is by selling over 9375 cars that BMW India has maintained its top position in the luxury car segment. Now that it has got an inspiring response by the Indian luxury car buyers, the car maker has decided that it will be expanding the fleet of cars assembled in the country. Among other BMW cars, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW X1 have greatly contributed to this achievement and now the German car giant is all set to offer new cars in 2013. This will not only help the car maker expand the portfolio but will also strengthen its position in the market. Specially, it is important to-do-something time for BMW as Audi is fast heading towards the top position. In the recently disclosed annul sales figures Audi sold as many as 9003 cars in 2012 that means it was just short of some 400 more cars to attain the top slot.

BMW 3 Series Pictures

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In 2012, BMW India has delivered 9375 cars to its customers as follows –

Product  Units
The BMW 3 Series 2788
The BMW 5 Series 2618
The BMW 6 Series 55
The BMW 7 Series 227
The BMW X1 2461
The BMW X3 930
The BMW X5 103
The BMW X6 111
The BMW Z4 33
The BMW Gran Turismo  49
Total 9375

This is the fourth year in which the car maker has reserved the top position for itself posing maximum number of car sales in the luxury car segment. As Audi is giving it  tough competition, the car giant has decided to set things in a better shape this year with lots of new car launches as well as starting the in house assembling of BMW cars. As per the sources information, the car maker is all set to start the local production of BMW 7 Series and BMW 1 Series this year. Also, the car maker will be launching the new BMW X1 as well as new BMW 7 Series and BMW 1 Series in India this year.


BMW 3 Series Pictures

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Where the 3 Series remained the best selling BMW car with 2788 units in 2012, the 5 Series remained at second pedestal with 2618 units, the X1 at third with 2461 units. The recent entry BMW Gran Turismo remained low on sales with only 49 units this year.

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