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Saturday, December 24, 2011

By Manoj Kumawat

BMW M5 to add the Spark in Indian Auto Expo

The world’s leading German luxury automobile maker, BMW is intended to expand its business wings in India by taking obligatory course of action. In this expansion string, company has announced to showcase the new high-end luxury cars in the upcoming Indian Auto Expo 2012. After the immense success of BMW M3, company has officially announced to showcase its successor ‘BMW M5 F10’ in Auto Expo.

The sensational BMW M5 F10 would no more be just a dream for Indian buyers; it is to finally arrive in 2012. This luxury car has got extra touch of glamour that makes it a distinction among the other BMW 5 Series Beemers. The entire body job has great appeal. Its interior will be relatively roomy than the interior of BMW M3. The seating arrangement will be lower with the same comfort level.

BMW M3 Pictures

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There will be light-weight 19 inches alloy wheels that look smart & offer fine grip over the rough Indian roads. Under the hood plenty of significant modifications will have been done. Unlike the BMW E60 M5 (600cc, two cylinders), this sensational luxury will be powered with a 4.4 litre Twin turbo V8 engine offering the impressive power and torque.

BMW 5 Series Pictures

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It will be equipped with seven speed semi automatic dual clutch gearbox with paddle shifters. The hidden talent of BMW M5 will come in light when it will run on an open road, where it claims to deliver top speed of 10.1 kmpl.

Performance-wise, it will lead the race by offering 31% more fuel efficiency than its predecessors.

Its unique sport tuned, rear wheel driven (with limited skid degree of difference) and quality suspension optimizes the power delivery for rear wheels. As per the rumours, the new BMW F10 M5 will be priced Rs.99 lakh approximately.

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