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Friday, December 30, 2011

By Manoj Kumawat

BMW Magazine app for iPads, customize a BMW of your own

If it is about adoption of new technology or putting technology to its optimum use hen BMW is certainly going to score much. Lately, BMW has launched an application for iPad with which the user can configure a car that can be said to be truly his own.

The app called as BMW Magazine gives the iPad users an overwhelming experience of BMW cars with the help of multimedia experience. With the help of the BMW Magazine application one can access, photos, videos and music related to BMW cars. There are also animations that can be thrilling to watch apart from direct internet links for further interactive reading on the topic.

BMW Mini Cooper Pictures

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The well known BMW Mobile Car Configurator will also be available for iPad users with which the users can configure any of the BMW car choosing the color, accessories and upholstery of their choice. Thus using this app one can create a BMW car that he can call truly his as it has the chosen few things in addition to the standard equipments.

On the other hand, the BMW pavilion at the Auto Expo will open up all channels for the visitors to explore the BMW cars in their entirety with the help of multimedia and interactive experience. The visitors at the Expo 2012 will be able to connect to BMW and can share their experiences and can also access videos and other stuff about BMW cars. The company may display cars like BMW Mini, BMW Mini Cooper and BMW M5.

There will also be a BMW Connect Card with which, users can access Facebook and can like any of the BMW cars and Like them. A lot of stuff such as wallpapers and videos about BMW cars will also be available for download at the pavilion via Bluetooth. Users visiting the pavilion will be given access via Bluetooth and they can choose whatever BMW car wallpaper or video they want to download.

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