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Saturday, July 14, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

BMW Mini cars will be locally produced, price cut imminent

The Italian Job car BMW Mini Cooper that has lately been launched in India will soon be assembled locally as well. This is another major move by the German car maker in an attempt to make its cars more affordable for India that is one of the most prominent car markets in the world after China. The BMW Mini series cars including BMW Mini Cooper Countryman, Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper Convertible were launched at the Auto Expo held in January this year and since then the small but beautiful cars in the price range from Rs 24 lakh to Rs 39 lakh have become an instant hit in the ultra premium small car segment.

BMW Mini Cooper Pictures

See More BMW Mini Cooper Pictures Get BMW Mini Cooper Price

Now that the demand is though slow but is reasonably well and there is market for the car, BMW India must have sensed that by producing the BMW Mini Cooper cars in India locally would make it more affordable in this market and this will further lead to high sales. Currently, these cars are being imported to India through the CBU route and that is why these cars attract high import duty which makes these cars more costly. Local production will not only result in price reduction but will also drastically reduce the delivery time.

BMW Mini Cooper Pictures

See More BMW Mini Cooper Pictures Get BMW Mini Cooper Price

This is the strategy that the foreign car makers adopt in India before introducing any new car. This way the car makers are not only able to assess the demand but are also able to assess the acceptability of the car. As per more information, all the four models of the BMW Mini car will be assembled in the country and local production will begin as soon as possible. This way, the Mini cars will be able to compete well with the Volkswagen Beetle car that has been an icon in the segment.

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