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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

BMW recalls 3,422 units of 5 and 6 Series cars in India

BMW 5 series and 6 series owners in India were keeping their fingers crossed and wished that the recall of 1.3 million cars worldwide may not affect the Indian models. To their dismay, BMW India has recalled 3422 units of 5 and 6 series cars for the replacement of the faulty battery cable cover that could go off and prevent the BMW car from starting or might cause sparking or fire. Considered to be the biggest ever recall, BMW has just a day before announced the recall of 1.3 million cars worldwide, however, there was an uncertain situation in India over the recall as there was no official word from BMW India.  

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Soon after the global recall reports flashed, BMW car owners of the BMW 5 series and BMW 6 series in India flooded the BMW dealerships with queries about the recall. Here it will be worth mentioning that the present generation of the 5 and 6 series are not included in the recall. As per sources, BMW has reportedly found that in some cases, the battery cable cover is incorrectly mounted in the 5 series saloon and six series coupe and convertible cars and as a result this cover could go off causing sparking and could lead to fire as well. Though there was no accident cases reported, BMW decided to replace the faulty part and before any of such incidents happen.  

BMW 5 Series Pictures

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As per sources, the recall will take only 30 minutes and all the costs of the repair and replacement of the faulty part will be borne by BMW. Notably, BMW sells around 10000 units of 5 and 6 series cars in India annually and the recall is less than half of what it sells. The 5 series cars are built in India and start at Rs 41 lakh while the BMW 6 series cars which are available in coupe and convertible body styling start at Rs 80-90 lakh. The latter are imported as completely built units.

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