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Monday, March 21, 2016

By Kamal Swami

BMW reveals teaser of BMW X7

Recently during an annual press conference German luxurious car maker displayed the first image of its proposed SUV X7 among the journalists. Although the production of SUV is not expected to commence before 2019 but it is speculated that car maker can showcase its conceptual version sometimes during the financial year of 2017-18. From the teaser image it can be easily understood that proposed SUV will be equipped with some remarkable features and specifications and will occupy an important place in company’s upcoming products.
BMW X7 Teaser
At present the X7 SUV has been codenamed as F17 and is developed on same CLAR platform on which its latest 7 series is developed. But as the teaser image of BMWX7 aka F17 is completely under cover it does not reveal any indication about its looks, except the muscular character lines which can be witnessed below the cover. However one thing which could be confidently said about X7 is that it would be bigger than X5 and will offer spacious cabin to passengers.
Under the hood it will sport V12 engine which would be offered for first time in any of the X series model and will carry most of the features offered in 7 series. It is expected to be one of the luxurious SUV which will have everything to lure the buyers at first instance. Apart from regular X7 version it is reported that once launched in global market company will bring its more luxurious version ahead making it a four seater SUV in which every seat will be adorned with individual features like massaging, heating, ventilation etc.

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